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19th Aug DarkAngel
Hi Ghostrider and Doubleday. Just a quick note to let you both know that I am back from NY now and am grateful to see you have been able to maintain my base in my absence. Thanks a lot. DarkAngel
30th Jul DarkAngel
Hi Ghost, I have discussed with Doubleday about having someone possibly maintaining my base for the next 3 weeks as I am going over to the USA (NY) and as a loner don't have a group to look after the base maintenance for me. Double did generously advise that this could be arranged and i should pay up on the preceding day to maximize the de spawn time frame. (I am happy to reimburse any out of pocket costs on my return and would really appreciate if this request could be considered. Please let me know if you get a chance as this would lighted my anxiety about loosing my base.. I do understand if this request is not possible and will just make the best of it on my return.
Cheers DarkAngel.
25th Jul DarkAngel
Hi Ghostrider. It would seem that on logging in when you get to the expatiation screen that requires the word continue to be selected at the bottom right corner, the game defaults back to the log in menu?? Is this a problem with anyone else or just me. It has only happened this afternoon as this morning all way ok?? cheers DarkAngel
5th May DarkAngel
Hi Admins. It would seem that all the doors to my base are now unlock-able in the Epoch PVE server. All other features working great just cant unlock any doors. My frequency jammer there and ok. Can open my safes and vehicles. Just wondering if this is an issue of should i remove my FJ and replace it to see if that works? Appreciate any advice in relation to this problem i seem to be having. Great server cheers DarkAngel

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