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Monitazation procedure, donation perks, advertising in our server, and donation procedure by JmxTwiztid. All information in this post is property of EpochPro (Viper) and JmxTwiztid and may not be used

or altered without the approval of both EpochPro (Viper) and JmxTwiztid. Created and revised on 09/01/2016. Subject to DCMA protection.

Please read this post in it's entirety before donating if you expect to receive perks, any donations that are being made that do not wish to have the perks does not need to read this.

I.e. Donating less than $5 USD.

We're happy to know that you like our server so much you want to donate! All donations go to server maintenance and monthly costs for keeping EpochPro running.

You can donate any amount but we have two tiers for cosmetic effects for donators.

1. You can donate $15 USD and receive all the donation perks for life!

2. You can donate $5 USD and receive all the donation perks for 30 days, at the end of 30 days the donation perks will be removed from your account and you will have to donate $5 USD or $15 USD

to get them again. ($5 USD for 30 days, or $15 USD for lifetime perks.)

What you get:

Alternate skins for vehicles, if you haven't seen one rolling around they look awesome! Just head on over to a garage/repair shop and open your in game donator menu to apply the skin.

Survivor hunt: Call a marker that is visible to all players, it shows your current location and updates every minute, use this to see who's the best a PVP or to test your base defense!

Private Teamspeak Sub-Channel: You get your own channel in our teamspeak that is yours and you are the admin of! (Still subject to all EpochPro rules and is subject to deletion if you

Violate our rules)

Uniform patterns, Hats, glasses, and backpack skins coming soon!

No donator perks are allowed to give you an advantage over other players or any advantage in gameplay what so ever, all the perks are purely cosmetic and you may not

Purchase any item that would give you an advantage, don't ask!

Advertisements: Get your twitch views up or even sales of your product!

For $10 USD we will place your advertisement on the forum on the home page for 30 days.

For $20 USD you may place an ad on the billboard outside one of the safezones for 30 days. You may not change your advertisement during that time, be sure what you submit is what you want

To stay for 30 days!

For $25 USD you get both the above slots for 30 days!

This is a work in progress so bare with us, also have fun. And please lets get to donating so we can keep the servers up and running. As Per Viper, all donations go straight towards the server bills so the money you give goes to what you like <> EPOCH PRO.


Hello and thank you for taking a peek at this and leaving me the proper information for once you have made a donation. If you

 have made a donation to the server and would like to be added in game to the menu please follow this simple post of how its 

done.  I will say thank you for making a donation to the epoch pro community and helping out towards the server bills. All

donations are final and once said donation is made there is no refund. Please follow the post below to add the proper 

information so i may add you in. Please do take note also if you would like to be in the menu in game it is up to you to read this

and post all needed info once you make a donation. So please follow this simple posting in a new forum post under this section. 


1. Please post your player uid info which can be found at the main menu of arma 3 in the top right corner. It will start with a 765 #.

2. In game name used for donation.

3. Amount of Donation you made.

4. Was the donation for the altis map or the New Tanoa map.

From this point on once i see the proper info posted for said donation please allow me 24hrs to have you added in.

And once again thank all of you for the help and to all future donators for showing some love.


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