Looking For 2 Players For Squad
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6th Jul 2016

Looking to find 2 players playing around 5-11pm est.

What we want:
- Mature 18+
- Team Player - Everyone works for the better of the squad, not themselves.
- Players who play the game semi-casual. RL Always comes first, but try not to leave your squad hanging in the middle of a fight so that you can grab a smoke.
- Must use TS

What we do not want:
- Squeakers
- Know-it-alls
- Rambo
- Players who feel a sniper rifle is a great close range weapon
- People scared of dying - Krypto is easy to come by, no reason to hide in a corner while your squad does the fighting
- Rage Quitters
- Side Chat Warriors
- Whiners - Everyone has lost things, we don't need to hear you cry about your 3k Krypto loss.
- Hoarders - Beyond what you store in your safe, everything is group use.

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24th Jul 2016

Are you still looking for a group member?
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