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28th Jun 2016

Been a While since Ive been back, Got a quick question.

I've been playing arma with my friends recently in the past month or so. During this time I have missed this community. Recently we were playing Tanoa and I am curious if there will be a server setup for that. Also if so when (I presume yes since that is what the recent hype about arma is) , Would It be on the Release date (11th july) or after. You may have posted this somewhere else and I may not be aware of.

Anyhow, Thanks for taking your time to read this.
Cya soon

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OrLen / LePanda

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28th Jun 2016

I know Viper is working on one with Tanoa on it.. But you would have to ask him as I cant speak for him..The map is really nice.I might have to
join ya..lol
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3rd Jul 2016

Yes there will be a tanoa map i can promise that, just waiting on the full release before i go and do anything and they change alot of stuff up , but yes there will be a tanoa map for sure i love the map, will be alot of fun i can already see.
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7th Jul 2016

WOW Great news! Waiting for that!

On sneaky version there is just 2 GERMAN servers with crap configs and rules.

Viper servers is the best on that and will be much funny to play Tanoa by Viper.

Counting days!!!

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13th Jul 2016

Server for Tanoa is live.
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