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18th Jul 2017

Hello all, I've been playing on the server for some time now, "Gil" and I like server ping and players and stuff like the FPS, and I wish to contribute.
So ... I'd like to suggest a few things I think this will make a big difference in the server move options,

1- More missions.
All the server missions are the same or near, so I would like to suggest more different missions.
Missions like the trains of arms, convoys of supply of construction materials, invasion of city etc.
2- Difficulty of advancement
Most of the time I play alone, and at some point with another friend, and I noticed that most of the players play alone as well, and for people who play alone the difficulty of doing the missions is very high, AI's do not miss shots, And this ends up causing us to give up completing the missions, perhaps if we lower the AI's capacity would be more appropriate.
2- Profit
When on a mission with my friend, I'm trying to get a mission car, and I could not, so that's another positive point pro server, everything you conquer, you can sell. I do not know if this script exists, but it would be interesting to enable an option to sell everything in the car at once.
I checked that it is not possible to tow, and this is bad once again, again seeing the profile of who plays alone.

The restart time of the server is very short, I have already seen servers with 8 hours restart without problems.
The night is a problem, i think is not necessary night becouse all players that i ask about say that prefer daylight.

Server restart time is too shortAt first this is it, thank you from now on.
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