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19th Aug 2016

First just want to say love this map and the epoch pro modifications. Been a lot of fun playing this the last few weeks.

Some suggestions/bug reports:

1) Buying/spawning vehicles are still flaky at best. Watching your helo/truck spawn into a building/tree/under a runway is still happening at better than a 50% rate. I don't know if anyone is even bothering with compensation reqs anymore. having some stability to purchased spawns may help keep new folks on the server.

2) The jungle is rough. Having most of the map with vis ranges so short, compared to say, Altis, makes it almost suicidal to take on a bandit camp as the chances of getting ambushed successfully are very high. Perhaps a different additional type of AI mission would be better for this maps game play. Like a bandit convoy, where instead of being static it travels from point to point with the object being to intercept and destroy. Something that would have the player take advantage of the cover instead of being it's victim constantly.

3) Keep any AI from spawning within 1km of a freq jammer. Self explanatory.

4) Bug: The vendor missions seem to all be broken. As an example, the military mission to find the downed plane, the mission just has all assets go invisible at some point. May help new people if we had more missions to do.

5) In this PvP environment, would love to have a "bury body" option for corpses and equipment. Denial  of resources to the enemy in combat would be nice.

6) Find and fix the respawn bug. Some players get a bug where the game will not allow them to respawn back in after a death. The jist is...die, spawn in, choose gender, click on spawn sign, get kicked to lobby, repeat X loop.

7) I think, overall, that making it significantly more difficult to have and keep in ammo one of the big guns (338/9.3/12.7) would help gampeplay as basically no one uses anything smaller because of the disadvantage. It may make firefights more fun if everyone had a 6.5/5.56/7.62 instead of 1 shot killing everyone. Understand opinions on that may differ.

I'll post more later.

Thanks to Viper and the admins for doing all the work and keeping this server relatively asshat free..
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