Please raise buying vehicle cap at traders
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21st Sep 2016

I play with a couple people, we have a base, have the gear, but we are not able to buy any vehicles from the trader. I cannot buy a single chopper to own or any of the good land vehicles. I'm not sure if the cap is set to be real low or if people are hoarding them, don't know since I don't have ESP. But I've been at it for a couple days now, checking the traders 30 minutes before restarts and randomly. Or we rent one and fly around to look for one but cannot find one. I know it sounds like a personal rant but does anyone else think the cap is a little low?
Collin (Banned)
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21st Sep 2016

The cap is maxed.
Here is what you do
1) Rent a Taru
2) Find a vehicle - You can find them almost everywhere
3) Bring it back to trader
4) Sell it
5) Buy vehicle because there is space now.
6) Sell Taru back

Also buying vehicles 20-30 minutes prior to restart gives the best chances of being able to perm buy it.
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25th Sep 2016

Great advice from collin.
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