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12th Jul 2016

Hello all, new here to EpochPro but been on the Tanoa server since it's inception yesterday. I noticed that a new trader was added to the southern town and I was thinking that kinda of ruins that city for Looting/PvP.

I was thinking, since it seems you want to use an airfield, why not use the Northern Airfield, La Rochelle. This way, you aren't bogging up a city with a safezone/trader to camp outside, plus you still get to keep an airfield for a Trader Zone. In addition, by placing a trader zone here, you could also add a sea vehicle trader to give access to the water for players. As it stands, I don't know how we would get water vehicles otherwise and this tidies this up all into one little bundle.

Some problems I see by putting the trader on the southern island:
- People will camp the bridge leading to it, killing anyone who comes and goes.
- People won't be able to base on the any part of the island with safe zone restrictions and constant traffic
- It blocks up a town with loot (Covering up loot spawns on an already low loot spawn map)

Most of these problems will go away by simply moving to the airfield away from a city, and I recognize there are probably other problems inherited by moving to the location I suggested.

Obviously you picked the location for a reason, but I just thought I'd voice my thoughts and the concerns of some of my friends.

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13th Jul 2016

We will be moving things around until we find that sweet spot, but i will also look into what you have said.
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