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29th Jun 2016

I know by the name itself that this is EPOCHpro and we're playing an EPOCH server, but I'd like to suggest a new type of gamemode that I've only seen being played in private multiplayer, and if you (or we) pull this off, might become a great hit for a server:  A DayZ-esque type of game Basically it's a darker, more horrifying version of DayZ that is more oriented on PVE rather than PVP. A few main gameplay features would include:
Zombies and Demons: The same mod used in this video that spawns zombie AI better than DayZ and adds some other varieties of zombies like Spider Zombies and stronger types of mobs like Demons which have AI almost like a human.
AI Caravans: AI caravans are mobile player spawns  (making them spawn alone would mean that they can easily be overrun with zombies and Demons) that roam the map to different loot spots e.g. cities, compounds, military bases and make up of  5-15 AI with varying weaponry, and 1-2 vehicles depending on how long it has survived (Yes, even AI caravans can be overrun by zombies), AI caravans upgrade if they find better gear/vehicles in loot spots and if it does well in surviving. Players will occasionally replace AI, but there will always be at least 2-3 AI present that marks the caravan. If a player logs out / moves away from the caravan at a certain distance (Let's say 500 m away from the caravan), the Caravan will automatically consider the player "dead" (it doesn't mean player is actually dead) and the caravan will replace it with AI. If a player/AI in the caravan dies, a new AI will replace it after 10 minutes (only 1 AI per 10 minutes), but another player (or same player if lucky), can immediately replace dead AI/player. This is a rough sketch of the features, but it's already playable. I have more features in mind, and some of these stuff can be polished, but I'll need other players' opinion on this.
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