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16th Mar 2017

I played on your epoch server last night and had fun.  Seeing as I'll probably be back, I decided to stop in and say hello.

My gamer name in arma is Dan, my real name is Dan.  I am the owner of another gaming clan and run some stuff that I won't bother to list here out of respect for y'all.  That said, I don't have an epoch server.  I have run them in the past but it was Arma II.  I've spent a significant time playing arma, and have over 2500 in-game flight hours (between arma 2&3 - 99.9% littlebird).

Anyways...  Thanks for running the epoch mod and I'll see y'all around!
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16th Mar 2017

Welcome to the server.Right now we are a bit on the slow side.Seems people have jobs and stuff...lol
get on the TS server and say hello..Viper is owner,H4wk3y3z is co-owner..I am out of town right now until tuesday .. I am just a mod/admin/helper/crazy German..


Joined: 16th Mar 2017
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16th Mar 2017

Thanks. I understand the slow times. Gotta answer when life calls. Cheers!
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21st Apr 2017

Sorry for the late post but yeh we r on the slow side at the moment happens every year around this time, but feel free to drop by and chat man.
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