Hello there! and need some help!
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4th Jul 2017

Hello all.
I play on your Arma 3 Epoch server for a while. My ingame name is YunSef. I'm a french guy so I'm sorry for my English.
I'm happy to have fiend this server!

Today I bought a Mohawk héli at Kavala's trader and unfortunatly it had spawn between 2 housesso I can't use it...
Is it possible for you to do something about that?
I tried to find someone on the Teamspeak server but nobody in there!

Thanks for help.

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7th Jul 2017

Did you take a picture or a video?
I would suggest not to buy there anymore as the trader has a really bad sense of humor and tries to blow up the things players spawn in.Use the Central,East or West traders only. Please read our rules that are posted ( link on main page) ,sometimes you do need to cut trees down to ensure the Helis can spawn in unhindered.
Glad you are enjoying the server

Edited to add..
let me know next time you are in game and I comp you for it..I just deleted it off the map.

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8th Jul 2017

Issue resolved
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