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Server Rules

All players are be expected to abide by the rules below when playing on any Epoch Pro server. 
These rules are in place to create and foster a community that will exist long term and provide for a fun gaming environment for all player types. 

EpochPro is a PVP oriented gaming environment and thus our rules perpetuate player combat and interaction fairness. 

If there are any questions as to the below rules it should be taken up with an Admin
via our TeamSpeak server

Notice:  English is the official language of the Server Staff!

العربية  -  Deutsche  -  NederlandseEspañol  -  Français  -  日本語  -  한국어  -  Português  -  русский  -  Український  -  ?????

Notice!  Translations may not be correct for your language!  Please use 'common sense' in those areas that may be improperly translated!  If not sure, please ask an Admin in English!



- Racist comments
- Cheating/hacking
- Glitching to gain access or glitching to see through walls. (even attempted glitching)
- Trolling
- Disrespecting a player/admin or this server in any way shape or form.


General Server Rules

- No hacking or glitching of any kind.
-  Do not disrespect Admins or players.
-  Follow Admin direction in game.
-  No racism of any kind will be tolerated.
-  No claims of  cheaters in the server chat. Any issues bring it to TeamSpeak.
-  Do not combat log; that is, logging out in combat.
-  Do not troll, this includes side chat and TeamSpeak.
- NO griefing the players!!
- If you kill someone, do NOT go up to them and revive just to kill again!!
-  Do not post any coordinates or map markers in side chat or on the map.
This information should only be shared verbally, that is why we have a TeamSpeak server.
- NO running over AI with vehicles at this time. NONE AT ALL!!
-  Do not argue in side chat, take it to TeamSpeak. 
    If there is an issue you need resolved, side chat is not the place to have the conversation.
-  NO playing music over VOIP at ANY time
- NO heli sniping from anything over 400m from the targeted player!
- Do NOT use radios for VOIP at any time. Only use for text.
- Do NOT DESTROY OR MOVE the mission crates. (this will glitch out the missions).
-  No squad xmls. (i.e. squad logos).


Safe Zone Rules – Blue Circles on the Map

-  Do not kill or shoot anyone in Safe Zones, or shoot in, into or out of one.
-  Do not follow anyone out of a Safe Zone with the intent to kill.
-  Do not camp Safe Zones, waiting for people to leave.
-  Do not camp inside Safe Zones for extended periods of time.
-  Do not camp the edges of the Safe Zone – e.g. camping for a kill.
    Buy your supplies and move along, no loitering.
-  Do not steal vehicles or items from vehicles.
- Do not approach another player’s vehicle or dead body unless they direct you to do so. (JUST BECAUSE YOU WASN'T GOING TO DO ANYTHING STILL DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO GO NEAR SOMEONES VEHICLE/HELICOPTER!)
-  Safe zone areas are not a parking lot for your vehicles. We are not liable for any vehicle left in the safe zone after you have been disconnected from the server for more then 15 minutes.
-  Do not steal a players gear left on the ground from a death, they may be coming back to get it.
-  Do not approach another player’s vehicle or dead body unless they direct you to do so. 
    If a player asks you to step away, do it!

-  No lumber jacking in Safe Zones - i.e. no cutting of trees in any Safe Zone.
    If a tree is preventing you from taking off with a helicopter, you are allowed to take it down.
 -  Once you are outside the blue circle Safe Zone, you are on your own.
    This rule is in effect for all Epoch Pro operated servers unless noted.
-  When arriving at a safe zone do not park your car or heli on any of the spawn in points or inside the barriers for other cars aka the heli pad, after purchasing a car or heli remove them from the spawn in point areas so other players will not spawn in on your car. IF A ADMIN SPOTS A CAR OR HELI JUST SITTING THERE FOR MORE THAN 5 MIN AFTER YOU HAVE MADE THE PURCHASE YOU WILL BE ASK TO MOVE IT, IF SAID CAR OR HELI IS NOT MOVED WITHIN THE TIME GIVEN IT WILL BE DELETED WITH NO COMP GIVEN TO SAID PLAYER. ANY VEHICLE/HELICOPTER LOCATED INSIDE THE BARRIERS OF SAFEZONE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED BY AN ADMIN.
- As a player you are responsible for checking the spawn in points at safezone to make sure they are clear. If you spawn in a vehicle/helicopter and it explodes it might not be comped.

Base Rules

-  No base building within 1500 meters of a Safe Zone edge. If a base is found within this range, the base will be
    deleted by an Admin with no warning. No refunds will be given to the player for any deleted bases.

The following rule in red is on the backburner until server returns to 4 hour restarts

- Do not base raid prior to 30 minutes of a server restart. 
   This includes attacking a player/group at their base, camping, and killing. 
   You must move at least 1000 meters away from their base.
  If your base is within this distance, you may retreat to your own base.

-  Do not ‘glitch’,‘cheat’, or use any ‘exploit’ to gain entry  into any base.
-  Each group can only own 2 base locations. 1 Jammer per base
   This applies to all players in the group and disallows individuals from setting up individual bases when grouped. 
   Admins will aid players if multiple bases are found by deleting them.
-  Gaining access to a base via explosives, unlocked doors, or social engineering is allowed.
-  No blocking a road with a base.
- No blocking traders with a base.
- No blocking military hills with a base.
-  No floating bases. All bases must be ground accessible.
-  Do NOT place jammer in the water.
-  Destroying the frequency jammer is allowed. Dismantling the base as a result however is not allowed!
-  Do not replace a player’s frequency jammer. 
    Raid the base and move along.
-  Do NOT log out while in someone else's base. (this one may get you banned immediately)
-  Do not camp a player’s base for more than one server restart. 
   This includes individuals of a group and/or the entire group.


Vehicle Rules

-  Do not use vehicles as bombs.  This includes dropping vehicles from choppers, base kamikaze or blowing up vehicles next to bases.
-  NO kamikaze of any kind allowed on the server.
-  Do not steal vehicles in Safe Zones.
-  Do not hoard vehicles. 
   Per group a maximum of 4 vehicles + 1 HMG vehicle is allowed for a total of 5.
   If you have more than that, they will get deleted!  Having friends park their vehicle at your base will go against this count!
- Do not use ANY VEHICLE to run over AI at missions. If caught doing so you will be punished.


Punishment for the above rule infractions is as follows (but not limited to)

1st Offense Verbal Warning
2nd Offense Kicked from Server
3rd Offense Temporary Ban = 24 HOUR BAN
4th Offense Permanent Ban = No questions asked!


Administrator guidelines:

Admins will:

-  Spectate players to enforce rules.
-  Not interfere with player game play unless requested to do so or the situation requires them to.
-  Prioritize requests for support through TeamSpeak over requests in-game
-  Not teleport players due to any game or Epoch related problems/issues. 
-  Only replace items if there is physical proof of the loss.
   Whether that is via in game recording or an Admin actively viewed the event occur. 
-  Not replace items due to player negligence/known Epoch or ARMA 3 problems/issues.
-  Utilize any other methods/measures as deemed necessary to enforce the rules of the server.


Best of Regards,
EpochPro Staff Team

Rules Revision FEB 18 - 2016

©2015-2016 Epoch Pro. All Rights Reserved.
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